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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2005-10-26 13:26:32

From: Winchester Massachusetts
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 674

'insectuous' for 'incestuous.'

In ‘Ada’ Vladimir Nabokov has his principal characters play ominously with the triple anagram ‘insect-incest-nicest.’ Apparently, this verbal similarity gets picked up outside of fiction too. The reshaping is perhaps influenced by the real or imagined mindelss fecundity of insects. Examples:

Hs realtionship with hii sister may well have been insectuous but this would
hardly have been the first case of such activity.

We know that politics and political reporting is an insectuous business, ... … taffer.php

Sounded almost as if it was vaugely insectuous. I wondered if Luke was his brother or something, he being the guy in the photo.

But HCE is compromised by guilt, his nebulous sin in the park and his “insectuouslonging” burden him with the stain of “original sin.

Zues was a womanizer and had an insectuous relationship with his sister, Loki killed his brother for no other reason than he was told it couldn’t be done, ... … 931&page=2

... doubtlessly a menagerie of technologies and the oversite of a few intellectually insectuous eggheads?

You just called me a cute and cuddly penguin. And insectuous penguin, but a penguin none-the-less.

Our southeastern shore is insectuous with corruption. … 05&foru…



#2 2005-10-27 01:31:22

Chris Waigl
Eggcorn Faerie
From: London, UK
Registered: 2005-10-14
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Re: 'insectuous' for 'incestuous.'


The forum is very handy to reply to each submission individually.



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