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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2012-02-07 08:10:26

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Cupboard Box

Unless I’m mistaken this one has slipped through

One lot was a cupboard box that contained much of Glover’s collection of negatives from photographs he had taken since serving in the trenches

My childhood companion, Peter, a much-loved panda now in terminal decline, lived out the end of his days carefully wrapped up in a cupboard box

Getting assistance stopped us from having to live in a cupboard box



#2 2012-02-07 16:48:47

From: Montreal
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Re: Cupboard Box

End of the year lister. There are many more hits out there, too.

Here’s another perspective not far removed.

little accident So after I finished my homework, I went to go make myself some lunch. I opened up the kitchen covert and went to get a plate on the top shelf.

Gamer in the most perfect comma. Sprawled out like a ragdoll in my chair. Nothing at all going on, then all of a sudden I practically fly out of my chair and cling to the ceiling as a loud bang of thunder thumbs above {...} I just now remember having like the creepiest dream. It was dark and I was trying to shut the door to the kitchen covert and it was not locking into place so I was doing it repeatedly. woah

Second person account

Blog At our house we have kitchen “covereds” and bathroom “covereds”, and upstairs there is even a toy “covered”. A few years ago Hannah had trouble saying “kuh-board” and it became “covered”. When you think about it, the old-fashioned cup-board was not enclosed, so “covereds” is a more accurate description of where we store things.

See also Covered (cupboard) love

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