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#1 2012-02-10 19:29:29

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
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"night mirror" for nightmare

I went looking for “night mère”, like the old hag of Newfoundland lore who sits on your chest when you wake up. But googlenoped out. I did find this intriguing image, a night mirror. The darkness in the looking glass, reflected in the night mirror. Yikes.

What does this snake nightmirror mean?
I’ve been having nightmirrors about snakes for about 10yrs now, maybe longer idk. Anyways, in my dreams they are always chasing me, trying to bite me or something, and I’m always running from them. I had a nightmirror last night though that really FREAKED me out. In my dream I was married and I had this really nice house with this huge bedroom, I was in the bathroom part of the bedroom getting ready for bed. My husband (i’m not married and I dont know the guy in my dream.) is sitting up in bed waiting for me. When I come out of the bathroom I see about four or five long skinny black snakes tied to the end of my bed post. They are hissing and slithering in the air trying to get free. For some reason I’m not at all shocked by they’re presence and I get in to bed as if nothings the matter. My husband asks me something like “why did you tie the snakes?” or something like that, I dont remember what i said. We turn out the light and everythings dark and quiet when all of a sudden my husband says in my ear, ” honey theres something on your kneck. ” I know it’s a snake, i’m terrified and then I wake up.
This one would give Freud nightmirrors

Homework is a nightmirror
Kiddy rap

Ive been in a nightmirror trying to figuer this out, Pleaasse help someone.
Coding problem

I had a bad dream last night, a nightmirror.
A 5 year old

It is our 2nd(me) and 3rd(her) marriage. The relationship is turning into a nightmirror.
Marriage forum

When the times are good.. they are great. When the times are bad they are a nightmirror.



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