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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2012-10-09 04:45:12

From: Victoria, BC
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attention scan << attention span

A number of web writers seem to think that the idiom is “attention scan” instead of “attention span.” Examples:

Comment on a tourist attraction: “Children that age don’t have the attention scan for 2 hours of abstract looking.”

Response to question about a celebrity: “He knew he was safe making that claim, as the attention scan of his viewers has been estimated at 3.5 seconds,”

Post about a news article: “ We are a nation of adults with the attention scan of a gnat, and the “news media” reflects that reality.”

Web fiction: “ Renee had a quite short attention scan. ”

“Attention” and “scan” are attractors – to scan is to give attention to. Perhaps this attraction triggers the substitution.



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