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#1 2006-09-14 22:04:31

Tom Neely
From: Detroit
Registered: 2006-09-01
Posts: 121

_License_ as the plural of _Licen_ - Eggcornish Michigan Dialect

A lady once told me that she was heading for the Secretary of State’s office to get her licens. She meant that she would get a new licen plate to put on her car, and she would renew her Driver’s Licen. (The Driver’s Licen is the card we carry around in our wallets, to show to the cops when they stop us, and to prove who we are when we cash checks.)

This lady was planning to get both licens on the same visit, rather than renewing one licen at a time.

In my part of the world (Supermesohesperia, USA), we still have many people who seldom read. This lady and many of my other neighbors always have believed that licen is a word. This lady lives in rural, western lower Michigan. The conversation took place circa 1990 CE. Does anyone else anywhere else say, “Licen?” Please let me know.

And… This shows that the borderline between the S sound and the Z sound is ill-demarcated in my part of the world. The real word license has an S sound at the end. But the made-up word licens must have a Z sound.

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