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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2013-01-09 18:42:07

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jalousie window >> jealousy window >> ventana celosia

Here we have a double bilingual eggcorn. The english “jalousie window” is eggcorned as “jealousy window” which translates in Spanish to the widely used “ventana celosia.”
So my question is, how do I clean my jealousy windows? Actually the frames are what I am trying to clean. (Also searched for that too) I have a lot of oxidation or something on the frames and I am trying to get it off. I have tried windex and a rag, letting the windex kind of soak for a minute or so. Also tried steel wool and windex….

jealousy >> celosia (Spanish)

(Google ventana celosia for many many examples including: … O22cawudaI

Nesecito crea un tipo de ventana celosia vertical pero no tengo idea de como hacerlo encontre varas ya hechas pero todas tienen las paletas de vidrios horizontales y nosotros las ocupamos verticales me podrian decir donde consigo un tutorial detallado de como hacerlas gracias



#2 2013-01-10 17:30:48

From: Victoria, BC
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Re: jalousie window >> jealousy window >> ventana celosia

“Jalousie” is borrowed from French. In French the word jalousie means both jealous and a sun-blind. Presumably the sun-blind usage is a metaphorical extension of the word for jealous (i.e., exclusive), since they exclude rain. In French a sun-blind is fenêtre jalousie. So the Spanish ventana celosia is perhaps a calque of the French term.



#3 2013-01-10 22:09:15

From: Montreal
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Re: jalousie window >> jealousy window >> ventana celosia

‘Jealousy window’ is a calque of a calque of a calque, apparently.

The origin of the meaning jalousie=window blind is indeed Italian and not Greek (dictionnaire de l’académie française). The original defining characteristic of a gelosìa is that you can see out of the window without being seen from the outside. It seems to be derived from the meaning jealousy because it allows jealously guarding the privacy of the house, especially of an oriental harem.
wordreference forum

Fifteenth c. gelosìas were first a trellis and then had wooden or iron louvers to protect the modesty of your seraglio (maybe like Phoenician blinds). Glass jalousies wouldn’t cut it. A synonym in Italian is Persians, which fits the idea of a finely cut trellis.

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