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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2007-10-03 21:58:56

From: Winchester Massachusetts
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'undeserved population' for 'underserved population'

One of those small changes that more or less reverses the meaning of a phrase. I’d guess this is usually accidental, but occasionally expresses the writer’s real opinion. 300+ ghits:

While I have no quarrel with the concept, and in fact applaud and encourage educators who reach out to this undeserved population, I am very cautious … –

Youth who are detained or incarcerated in correctional facilities represent a medically undeserved population … rural counties the primary undeserved population is the African American community.

Salud Family Health Center is a Community Health Center that provides health care to the low-income, medically undeserved population.

...this is a highly undeserved population when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse treatment.



#2 2013-01-19 17:43:41

From: Mexico
Registered: 2007-10-12
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Re: 'undeserved population' for 'underserved population'

More likely to be an eggcorn is the roundtripper (many of Ken’s caveats above still apply):

If the WH lets Rubio lead on this, there’s a strong chance he, and by association, the underserving GOP, will get a greater portion of the credit than deserved.

Sophie is definitely the most underserving win of all time [¶] I am a huge survivor fan, a huge fan, I breathe survivor, but ive got to admit that Sophie winning survivor has made me not want to watch survivor again for a while. She isssss sooo underserving, even phillip (s22) had a better strategy then her

Underserving Fate. At the Gates of hell I sit and wait What have I done To deserve this fate An eternity of darkness

Still not a likely one, I think. I mean, do people really think I might face darkness, or that Sophie should have lost survivor, because she or I underserved somebody? Of course the GOP, as everybody’s whipping boy, can be readily thought to have underserved us all.

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