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#1 2006-09-16 17:39:56

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SICKOfant (Sycophant)

Google counts on Sept 16, 2006
629,000 sycophant
9080 PSYCHOphant + 2490 PSYCHOfant
979 SICKOphant + 3880 SICKOfant
Analysis by Joe Krozel

A sycophant is a person who curries favor. Clearly it is already a derisive term, but to make it more so there is probably much intentional substitution of “psycho” and “sicko” for the first two syllables. The Urban Dictionary even carries a definition of a sickofant.

Urban Dictionary: Author Beccasickophant, Apr 22, 2005. noun: derived from the word “sick”, a sickophant is someone that “sickifies… 45. Cool Cat, Apr 20, 2005 … – 14k – Cached – Similar pages
[ More results from ]

But, even though most usage is intentional, the question is whether there is ever sufficient UNINTENDED usage to qualify it as an eggcorn. I guess it depends on finding examples that carry two core features: 1. Unintended usage, and 2. Belief in the alternative imagery. At best, I’m likely to find examples where the utterer simply assumes “sicko” is a shortened version of some longer word “sickofant.”

Drunken Philosophies and RantingsThough perhaps you are a sickofant who craves a dangerous occupation with no benefits , low wage , and dictatorial bosses . Ya freak . . . ... – 29k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages – CommentsIt turns you into a delusional sickofant that votes for the democrat candidate. the doctor of democracy | 05.17.06 – 6:26 pm | # ... – Similar pages

Danger Will Robinson – forumsWell , apart from Steve admiting to being some kind of apprentice sickofant , here goes . Story 1 . While working in a Safeway plantroom , on a weekend … … php?p=1729 – 42k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

JOBVENT – Rate a Company/EmployerJob Security: Again, depends on your abilities of being a sickofant. Under no circumstance should you show greater intellect than your managers. ... – 6k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages



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