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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2013-06-19 21:54:11

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1148

More eggcorns from Twitter

Some more eggcorns and kin from the hardworking folk at dumbest tweets. Feel free to doc any that tickle your fancy—some reach the pin knuckle here. I haven’t yet check for previous entries; I’ll add the acorns later too.

I think I’m have to get my wisdom teeth out my limp notes are all swollen

Lord Please reframe me from going TF off today

i think my nephew got 80HD cause he be running in circles fa no reason

Man. Jayz is really the pin knuckle of success.




rush and roulette

That one call that makes your whole day worth wild.

Mopehead [Moped]

OrderGraph {Autograph}

Harden is a disc race to the bearded men of America.

She was diagnosed with cycle-cell anemia

Does Remy get my conjungle visits?

Twitter is a lot of people Altar Eagle

Lauren Hill is one for nominal artist

Good dick cures a lot of elements

Only fear mediocracy

Bottle of mascato $4, new alphat $100 , spening quality time with my twitter boo? Price list.

damn whitney houston oddtopsee results came back.. cocaine

Do black people cARE ABOUT air humidifier & common monoxide? Nope

This general toast chicken doing it right now.

I’m not paying no 10.25 for general toss chicken

If u a boy and u gay…. Im shovin you back in da wound

Beyonce baby come out the wound with its demo tape prepared

Maryland Monroe is sexy



#2 2013-06-21 03:13:54

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2030

Re: More eggcorns from Twitter

Some of these smell a bit like eggcorns. Oodles of hits for please reframe from. We have already noted it on the forum, however. Here.

“Pokeadot” looks promising. Each little dot is a poke. Lots of web examples. High marks. (One wonders, by the way, what the connection is between the dance and the pattern. The OED points out that “polka” gave its name, at the time “polkadot” began to be used, to a number of pop culture items, so the link may not be to the physical design.)

“Oddtopsee” is attractive. But almost nonexistent on the web.



#3 2013-06-21 13:10:03

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 915

Re: More eggcorns from Twitter

Oddtopsee could be a heroic attempt to understand the word autopsy – or not. But why have odd and see in there if you weren’t trying to make sense of the word.

Here’s another act of semantic heroism that I’ve never submitted—all topsy. When your organs get all topsy turvy.

Also on the results of his all-topsy it stated that there was a bandage on his nose. During an all-topsy everything such as jewelry and clothing must be removed. So if the bandage was on his nose it was never supposed to be their. Also on his all-topsy results and his will there was an error. MJ’s name is Michael Joe Jackson. That is his full name. It is even written that way on his license and birth certificate. But, on his will and all-topsy results it is written as Michael Joseph Jackson. Those are two very official documents and must be written 100% correct.”
Jacko conspiracy

My XH says ‘hypnocrit’ for hypocrite. And ‘Alltopsy’ for Autopsy.
Fractured language thread

Why didn’t the state have this thing alltopsied? Maybe it’s a alien or maybe it was some kind of messenger. They should release more photos. Don’t look like no coon to me. Either way, it should be in a museum all taxidermied up.
Hairless raccoon shot

New ones I think are grade A: Housepatality, blank of an eye, rush and roulette, mopehead, ordergraph, conjungle visit, mediocracy, generals toast and toss. And the winner is : wound for womb. Come on, that one is both wrong and right in so many ways that I’m just embarrassed to point it out. It’s scissarian.

Also ovoid: limp notes, cycle-cell, Altar Eagle, worth wild ... maybe, disc race … maybe, for nominal … maybe, price list … maybe

Mondegreens: limp notes, 80HD, pin knuckle, worth wild ... maybe, disc race … maybe, for nominal … maybe, elements, price list … maybe

Classic cupertino: Maryland Monroe

Acorns not yet mentioned: lymph, node, ADHD, pinnacle, hospitality, blink, Russian, worthwhile, disgrace, sickle, conjugal, alter, ego, phenomenal, mediocrity, muscatel, outfit, priceless, carbon, Tao.

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#4 2013-06-21 21:52:19

Registered: 2007-12-27
Posts: 91

Re: More eggcorns from Twitter

Looks like cycle cell is a pre-existing condition on the Eggcorn Forum.

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#5 2013-06-28 15:51:41

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1148

Re: More eggcorns from Twitter

Oops. We’ve also seen limp edema. And both alter eagle and altar ego, if memory serves.

Some spotty documentation.

conjungle visit

OP: So let’s see what do you have to offer him…Other than conjungle visits! ... So, other than maybe conjungle visits,,,what have you done for him?
A. Check out Conjungle Visits, a titillating addition to the Discovery Channel’s primate primetime lineup.
A. Conjungle visits…maybe he’s got a Tarzan/Jane fantasy
A. But “conjungle” makes sense Leigh. Those visits are to cons who are in a jungle of sorts.
dating advice

ever dentally ... this must be a mondegreen, but it’s an interesting change of imagery.

a dog walks into a bar….it sees the horse and starts barking which ever dentally startles and confuses the horse … and-chairs

Yeah don’t no why but ever dentally if you join in the loading screen some or all people won’t be able to hear you. … 92270.html

But hes a guy with an career and bright future so he should know what and what not to do, but ever dentally he don’t care. … -LSU/page2

ever dentally you didn’t hear what Harry Ried said the Senate will not work with the Republican president. STUPID … en-US&pg=5

blank of an eye. I only looked for blank back tears, and found 6 hits, all using blank as the past tense of blink. Stink/stank, blink/blank.

I blank back tears and forced a smile on my face repeating, “I’ll be okay” over and over again



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