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#1 2006-09-20 03:47:21

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How to do some basic formatting in Forum posts

The Eggcorns Forum uses the Textile markup language; if you know a bit of Textile, you can easily create boldface, italics, block quotations, etc. in your posts. The people who developed Textile have a very easy to use website with some good examples:

I’ll explain some of the simpler things here.

Boldface requires an asterisk on either side of the word to be emboldened. Like this: * bold * but without the spaces between the word and the asterisks. So it’ll look like this: bold.

Italics require an understroke on either side of the word to be italicized. Like this: _ italics _ but without the spaces between the word and the understroke. So it’ll look like this: italics

Blockquote is a bit more complicated. Blockquote requires the command bq. before the sentence or paragraph to be quoted; a space has to separate bq. and the text. Also, you’ll need to leave one empty line between your text and the quotation, and the “bq.” has to be at the beginning of a new line.

So if I forgot to leave a space between “bq.” and the text, my block quotation would look like this:

bq.”This is a blockquote.”

Once I remember to add a space between “bq.” and “This,” the quotation will look like this:

“This is a blockquote.”

If any of this is unclear, just leave a comment in this thread.




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