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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2018-02-08 20:25:47

Eli Nelson
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"crawl to a slow"

I just saw this reversal of “slow to a crawl” in an online post. Googling it, there seem to be a fair number of examples that aren’t obviously wordplay:

Currently if one binds lots of event listeners on document or window , i.e. components/directives used via ngFor, application can crawl to a slow.

Create system for managing global event listeners

I tried everything under the sun to get it working, but every time the game loaded in to a match it would crawl to a slow. Amidst this troubleshooting – I decided to enable the steamVR feature where it will show you in the Vive headset when you are getting serious dropped frames.

Don’t underestimate the CPU when troubleshooting poor performance!

The game will crawl to a slow (The music slows down too…) and for about 5-10s I get about 1-2 frames per second.

Is there a fix for the mini-freezes of the game?

After a random period of time lets say 3 days my internet connect will crawl to a slow from 200Mbs to only a few kbs however as soon as I reboot the SuperHub 2AC it will run super quick again.

internet going slow after 3 days, as soon as I reboot the SuperHub 2ac its works again.

Some examples have a noun after “slow”, which makes it more grammatically comprehensible:

The layout was decently exciting and didn’t crawl to a slow pace in unneeded places.

review of PolerCoaster by Coasterkidmwm, Jan 28th, 2016

Is there a magic way I could embed graphics into my documents without having my program crawl to a slow snail mode?

Why does writer bog down to a crawl when graphics are pasted into a text document

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