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#1 2007-04-16 17:00:57

Peter Forster
From: UK
Registered: 2006-09-06
Posts: 870

"picky back" for "piggy back"

piggy back – 1,270,000 ghits
picky back – 1,400 ghits but only 6 or so relevant

I hadn’t realised what a common word ‘picky’ is in AmEnglish but I’ve managed to extract a few citations. There is also the variant “pick a back” with 14,100 ghits, so I’m beginning to wonder whether ‘piggy back’ might be the eggcorn if there is one at all.
There are also several ‘picky banks’, but I can’t see how anyone could fail to notice the pinkness and pigginess of that money-box with a slot in its back…

... his poor father a picky-back ride on the opening night of the horse-show, so graphically depicted by Virgil.” “I never heard about that,” said Trilby. ... – 198k – Cached

“I give a guy a picky-back once,” continued the Bucking Bronco, ignoring ‘Erb, whom he usually treated as a mastiff treats a small cur. ...

We got some footage of Andy and Phil giving this retard a picky back ride, it’s hilarious maybe some footage up later. Then Bobby bet Phil that he couldn’t … – 14k – Cached

Buddy if you want a Mac you better get a picky bank and start saving some bucks for a power Mac. Flyakite osx is the best pack at the moment out there… ... – 77k – Cached

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