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#1 2005-10-29 03:02:17

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I’ve discovered that he non-word ‘quitely’ is extraordinarily common- about 300,000 ghits.

(About 1/3 of these refer to a famous cartoonist named Frank Quitely.)

Of the rest, the majority seem to be ‘quietly’ misspelled. A few writers use it to mean ‘emphatically.’ In still other cases, it’s hard to say which meaning is being employed- possibly both.

I’d be curious to know if others think there’s an eggcorn here and if anyone has a theory about why the misspelling is so prevalent. Examples:

Sachin Tendulkar after his brilliant unbeaten 140 against Kenya at Bristol, has quitely moved into the top three position among batsmen in the World Cup. – 93k – Cached – Similar pages – Remove result

She floats quitely across to her favorite spot, crawls quitely to shore, baits her hook with the fattest of worms and waits. … 1&id=15386

Moderate Republicans are quitely (and sometimes not so quitely) dissapointed with the President.

I achieved this a while ago, and quitely rejoiced. Congrats! … stone.html

I pronounce R quitely strongly in words like sort. So would Americans and Canadians.

Seattle is quitely turning into a food town. – 154k –

What you say is quitely correct. … orum=1&amp

...what I can tell you ia that around 100000 Jews died in the famine, so it seems quitely unlikely Jews were behind it.



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