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#1 2006-05-01 23:22:09

Craig C Clarke
Registered: 2005-11-19
Posts: 232

"Chester Drawers" for "Chest of Drawers" (Is search not working??)

This HAS to have been mentioned before but search turns nothing up. I suspect search just is broken.



#2 2006-05-02 01:29:11

From: California
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 1665

Re: "Chester Drawers" for "Chest of Drawers" (Is search not working??)

Hi Craig

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with the Search button. If you go to the actual Eggcorns Database page and choose the SECOND “Search” box – labeled “Google Site Search” – you’ll usually bring up what you’re looking for. But even there I’ve occasionally noticed that some of the Contribute pages don’t come up – I’ve never figured out the pattern behind the failures.

In any case, your instincts were correct: “Chester drawers” has been contributed a number of times. I think it deserves consideration for the Database because some of the writers seem to be thinking of the English city of Chester (the caps give it away). I don’t know if that northwestern town has a tradition of furniture making, but it certainly sounds like a place that could be renowned for oak drawers or something similar. The earlier posts:

Commentary by josh finkler , 2005/02/24 at 11:17 pm
chester drawers > chest of drawers
(i see this all the time in local for-sale papers. wacky, eh?!)

Commentary by Piedrasyluz , 2005/02/26 at 5:09 am
Here are a few more, but I’ll refrain from entering them because I can’t seem to get the formatting right:
Chester drawers (chest of drawers)
boom to the economy (boon to the economy)
chalked full (chock full)
down the pipe (down the pike)
fair to midland (fair to middling)

Commentary by Elizabeth , 2005/04/04 at 7:59 am
“Put those clean linen napkins in the chester drawers.”
[instead of chest of drawers]

It’s also listed on the “More Errors” page of (Eggcorn member) Paul Brians’s wonderful “Common Errors in English” site:



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