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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2006-09-20 17:02:56

Registered: 2006-08-08
Posts: 1455

ENCUMBERANT (incumbent?)

Google counts on Sept 20, 2006
27,300,000 incumbent
192 encumberant
Anaylsis by Joe Krozel

I thought I heard this one on the radio today when someone was talking about throwing the encumberants out of office in the upcoming fall elections. Did I hear that right?

An “incumbent” is the holder of an office or an ecclesiastical benefice. An “encumberance” is a burden. Those who hold public office allegedly serve as a civic duty which they may find to be an encumberance to their otherwise ordinary life. (Or, for that matter, their tenure in office may be viewed as an encumberance to the citizens they are supposed to serve).


Re: I botheredIf they randomize everyone – but – the encumberant . . . isn ’ t that giving said encumberant a biased position on the ballot ( especially since it ’ d be … … &view=&... – 40k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages
[ More results from ]

Should we change our National Anthem :: Atherstone-Online …For instance , if and when our current encumberant dies ” The queen is dead . . . God save the King ” It is then and only then that the royal standard of HM … … 162684,s=0 – 62k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

GENUKI: St Ives… but has lately been endowed, by a grant from Queen Anne’s bounty, the maintenance of a perpetual curate; the present encumberant of the parish is Rev. ... – 30k – Cached – Similar pages

Forums – Community Policing – What a joke!!!... that is why we see traditional MP’s have their seat handed down to them from the retiring encumberant, much like Jack Straw from Barbra Castle, ... – 69k – Cached – Similar pages

[PDF] 1 Crook Deschutes ESD Board of Directors MeetingFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
Dempsey sent an email to all encumberant legislators to ask if they want the ESD to host the. Legislative Vtel sessions twice a month. ... – Supplemental Result – Similar pages

[PDF] AAnnnnuuaall RReeppoorrtt & & AAccccoouunnttssYYeea arr EEnnddeeFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
current encumberant, Mr Robert DaPrato being re-elected. Avian Influenza (AI) broke out in Vietnam beginning of last year and subsequently outbreaks … … 2003-4.pdf – Similar pages



#2 2009-03-28 17:29:08

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1101

Re: ENCUMBERANT (incumbent?)

The count of encumberant is now at 2,210, almost all being of the sort identified above, suggesting a politician that is blocking the view, or obligations that are a drag on one’s joie de vivre.

The following variants, incomant and incomebent, must be based on the idea that the incumbent is “incoming” or received. Incoming usually refers, not to a returning candidate, but rather to a newly-elected official before she assumes power, as in the incoming president. These examples are not common and had to be winnowed from a lot of posts for people bent on income.

Political blog: McHugh as the Rep incomant and Bob Johnson running on the Dem ticket. ( … 32×2894236)

Documentary blurb: In San Francisco’s 1999 mayoral runoff, incomebent Mayor Willie Brown faced opposition from 12 different candidates ( … =firefox-a)
(note: same blurb contains: Director Emily Morse docomeents the political mudslinging)

Car blog: Of course with the incomebent leader Camry and arch-rival Accord locked in battle for this segment, things are bound to get more exciting with the new Cefiro (Taena) joining in the fray in months to come! (

A couple of incumbents that are in fact bent upon income, or couched in bent legalese:

Rental contract: The time of punctual payment of installments in the essence of this contract. it shall be income bent on the intending allottee(s) to comply with the terms of payment and other terms and conditions of sale ( … pearls.pdf)

Supreme court document: If this certificate was to be cancelled on the basis of some enquiry which had been conducted by the department it was income bent on the department, keeping in view the principles of natural justice, to issue a show cause notice to the appellant ( … 990898.htm)

I checked the following two to make sure that they were not intentional, and could find no trace of tongue in cheek:

Blog: I was never under the assumption that defeating the income-bent Speaker of the House would be easy. (

Blog: Seven candidates are challenging the city’s seven income bent tax assessors in an effort to streamline the government. ( … 937823_ITM)

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#3 2009-03-28 20:01:01

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2589

Re: ENCUMBERANT (incumbent?)

“Incomant” and “incomebent” are great eggcorns. They fall a bit below the line of significance-I only found one other example besides the ones you cited. But they are unlikely to have occurred without some influence from “come.”

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



#4 2013-12-15 16:24:21

Registered: 2006-08-11
Posts: 10

Re: ENCUMBERANT (incumbent?)

Vote Out The Encumbrants (VOTE) “Encumbrants” = “Encumbrance”

Bill Drissel
Frisco, TX



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