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  • The first type of benefit is a consequence of the availability of a part model in terms of machining features instead of plain geometry, and of the availability of the result of the aggregated effects of several phenomena during machining. (UIUC MT-AMRI Research Project Abstract, Nov. 10, 1995)
  • Using plain geometry, prove the following: If a straight line is cut in extreme and mean ratio, the square on the sum of the lesser segment and half of the greater segment is five times the square on half of the greater segment. (Texas A&M University MATH 629 Midterm Exam, Mar. 3, 1997)
  • MAT 1405 Spectrum Analysis Mathematical Applications
    Basic mathematical functions used in determination of emission symbols as they apply to spectrum management. Includes square root, exponents, plain and solid geometry, and basic algebraic and trigonometric functions. (Community College of the Air Force, 1999)

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