blackened » black and

Chiefly in:   black and red fish

Variant(s):  black and redfish

Classification: English – and «» in/en

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  • Well, the Paul Prudhomme, I suppose, would be the—the poster boy for how to decimate a species, the Black and Red Fish craze of years gone by for all the finest eateries in New Orleans, was based upon purse-seining of brood stock of Red Fish out in the Gulf of Mexico, Shandler(?) Channel and other places like that. (Texas Legacy Project)
  • I found myself making breaded pickerel, black and red fish, and it’s great because it doesn’t make the whole house smell like fish. (Canadian Jewish News)
  • The food was fantastic like always!! We ate Redbeans and rice, black and redfish, jumbalaya, gumbo, crawfish stew, crawfish fettuccini..all of the cajun favorites!!!!!!!!!!! (link)

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Blackened fish (eg redfish) is a recipe from Cajun cuisine.

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