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Variant(s):  awkwordness

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • even had jokes I would tell people while I was waiting for people to reboot to fill the awkword silence and keep the customer from getting frustrated. (link)
  • More awkword moments went by. We sat in silence while outside the barking and hooting of the java programmors echoed loudley, sounding like Feeding Time in the deepest vaults of the basement of the zoo where they keep all the deranged and defourmed animols who arent allowed outside for the generol public to see. (link)
  • Right now the source code is pretty awkword(will make it better when releasing :-) ). (link)
  • Looking at the life of this woman, we identify with her awkwordness and tragedies. (link)
  • As an anarchist, voting always has presented an awkword situation. (link)

Heidi Harley mentions _awkwordness_, with an unusual stress pattern, in a post about language humor in the Simpsons.

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    Commentary by Indefatigable , 2005/05/16 at 9:57 pm

    “Awkword” may be an eggcorn some of the time, but the second example cited is probably just a misspelling. The writer can’t spell “programmers”, “loudly”, “deformed”, “animals”, or “general” either. If you look at the rest of the page, it’s just as bad.

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