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  • From a medical point of you, if you’re not diseased, you must be healthy, right? (link)
  • Astronomy is a great science to pursue, because not only is it interesting from a scientific and even philosophical point of you, but it also introduces you to skills (like computing, using advanced technology, public presentations, writing reports) that you can use in many different careers. (Astronomical Society of Australia)
  • The thing is, I can only look at it from my point of you, because I haven’t experienced having to do any tests yet and I still have everything to prove (link)
  • From a psychological point of you, our needs change through the ageing process. (link)

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This eggcorn is slightly puzzling because it implies that the writer’s concept of _you_ is something else than (just) his or her addressee. Maybe it falls into the scope of the general, dummy addressee referred to as _you_.

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