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Chiefly in:   planter warts

Variant(s):  planter's warts, planters' warts, planters warts

Classification: English

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  • Planter Warts
    Planters warts occur on the bottom or sole (planter surface) of the foot. As planter warts are under pressure from standing and walking, planters warts grow inward, often causing great discomfort and pain. planters warts are caused by a virus (human papilloma virus, HPV) and are contagious. planter warts can be differentiated from a simple callus by characteristic dark specks (thrombosed capillaries) in the center.
    Infection from planters warts (HPV) usually occur through tiny cuts or abrasions on the skin. It may take several months for a planters wart to appear after initial exposure. As planter warts is a virus, planter warts are contagious, commonly spread in public swimming pools or communal showers. To help stop transmission of planter warts, avoid going barefoot in public places like showers, gyms, locker rooms and around swimming pools. (advertisement for "warts no more")
  • I was there for a medical conference, and really didn’t need to sit through another seminar on radical new treatments for planters’ warts, so I ducked out to the theater. (link)
  • Disorders of the foot are corrected medically or surgically by a podiatrist. Common conditions include in-grown toenails, corns, calluses, planters warts and bunions. (Holy Redeemer Hospital)
  • Planter Warts: Many years ago I suffered from an extensive “infestation” of planter warts. (link)
  • Planter’s warts occur on feet or hands and don’t lead to infertility or urinary infection. (link)

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_Plantar_ means “relating to the sole of the foot”. The idea that planters, who presumably spend much of their working live on their feet, might be more likely to contract warts there, or that such warts might be particularly bothersome for them, is suggestive but erroneous.

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