laissez-faire » lazy-fare

Variant(s):  lazy fare

Classification: English – cross-language

Spotted in the wild:

  • “Linda’s dream for the IE Standard is to put in it only what is needed by at least one destination. She wants at all costs to avoid the T. G. lazy-fare to pass through and let the destination figure out what to do.” (Stanford interoffice memo, 17 December 2004)
  • “Lazy-Fare Economics. If you’ll permit me to diverge from the ever-so-interesting topic of the social mal-adjustments and sexual deviancies of…” (link)
  • “Lazy Fare Capitalism is not enough. In our collaboration called government we must be a responsible consumer, employer and…” (link)

The Stanford memo text was supplied to me by Terry Moore. Google provides a few hundred examples.

The idea of laziness, in the sense of ‘taking it easy’, does carry over from “laissez-faire”.

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