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  • When a day of school is missed because of inclimate weather and school is in session on Friday during that week, then school will be held on Saturday of that week. (Green Forest Schools, Arkansas)
  • The trailer, which was apparently gutted, was only used by a P.E. teacher as a classroom during inclimate or cold weather and for storage of some equipment, Shannon said. (The Progress-Index, 2004/12/17)

Inclimate weather is weather that is so bad it doesn’t even count as climate.

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    Commentary by Jan, parent of twins , 2006/11/22 at 8:37 pm

    The local high school principal mailed home a notice on contingencies in case of inclimate weather during January mid-terms. I still have a copy of letter; complaint filed with Superintendent. (And no, this is not a California school, it is Pittsburgh, PA Public Schools!). Will refer him to this page when he responds to complaint.

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