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  • Any materials remaining in the case when the reservation is concluded will be emptied and disguarded. (GWU Marvin Center Operating Policies)
  • We discuss our reasons for accepting or disguarding each candidate data set. (Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Feb. 1997)
  • The data used in our spectral analysis are shown as filled circles; the data disguarded owing to problems with the current ASCA calibration are overlaid as open circles.

    There is a significant excess of emission suggestive of an additional emission line just above 8 keV (this shows up in both the GISs whose data we used, and examination of the disguarded SIS data in this range also revealed the line component). (Astrophysical Journal, Nov. 2001)
  • These can be easily removed and disguarded and will help to reduce some of the population for next year. (LSU AgCenter, May 10, 2005)

Some instances of _disguard_ may also be influenced by _disregard_.

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