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  • Dave has checked out all the cutting-age training information on the Internet and elsewhere, but insists that he’s found nothing to alter the course he mapped out in the early ‘60s during his Muscle Beach days. (link)
  • The revolution has magnified as the impact of research at the cutting age of science transfigures rural India. (TIFAC, India)
  • “Trident Warrior is an exercise where we’re bringing together all the new and existing technologies, all the platforms and all the sensors, and the people who are trained in all of these,” said Capt. Landolt. “During the exercise, the staff is able to use this cutting age technology to react to realistic scenarios. It allows people to collaborate and it allows people to improvise; in this world that’s key.” (navy.mil, October 15, 2003)
  • The amazingly rich historical legacy interweaved with cutting age technology leaves visitors to this city with so much to enjoy and explore. (Exercise Medicine Australia)
  • That tools made of iron could retain a sharp cutting age longer made these more effective and efficient than tools made of stone. (NCCA, Philippines)
  • It seems appropriate that a piece of music celebrating the 200th birthday of a city on the cutting age of science and technology should be orchestrated on a computer. (The Huntsville Times, June 19, 2005)

The “cutting age” of trees is, of course, not an eggcorn.

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