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  • Where on the race course can a port tack boat have right away on a Starbord tack boat?? (Megabyteclass forum, Feb 18, 2003)
  • 1. Tower lane has right away on exit off track. (Nl'akapxm Eagle Motorplex, Track Policies and Rules 2005)
  • The only real down side to Arkansas is the drivers! Beware size has right away on Arkansas interstates. (epinions.org, Dec 23, 1999)
  • 5 - Singles and twosomes have no right away and are not allowed during busy playing times. The pro shop will endeavor to place all players into groups of three or four. (VetsGolf.com, fees & rules)
  • I am a law abiding citizen that has been frustrated by a neighboring business that uses our private road for their parking although they are aware that they have no right away nor legal egress to their property through our property. (link)
  • As in Europe the ships in the zone have right away on those crossing. In fact there is a specific “shall not impede” for sailboats. (rec.boats.cruising, Jul 2, 2001)

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TakenEvent’s original sighting was of a “woodburned and hand carved sign seen at a local fair” which read:

> Caution: Cowboys have right away!

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