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  • Everyone likes cheese! And those people who don’t, those lack toast intolerant people, they are aliens! Jeeze I’m good. I mean, cheese I’m good!” […] No offense intended for lack toast intolerant people. (link)
  • Let me put it this way pretend you’re lack toast in tolerant and the movie was a glass of milk, you’d have one bad stomach ache but feel 50 pounds lighter after leaving the bathroom I mean theater I mean. (link)
  • I like this one, but it also makes me sad, I think I might be lack toast n tolerant… I get bad tummy aches, but if you ask me i think it’s worth it. (Manga Academy forum, Jul 31, 2004)
  • I think i am lack toast n tolerant…. Everytime i intake a diary product( a product with milk in it) I get sick… (link)

Analyzed or reported by:

  • Michael Quinion (for the double eggcorn "lack toast and tolerant") (World Wide Words newsletter, August 20, 2005, citing Michael McKernan)

This rather astonishing reshaping has been noted repeatedly, mostly in the double-eggcorn form _lack toast and tolerant_. The blogger at reports having “heard [_lack toast and tolerant_] at work”, and at the Daily Trojan site, Jason Levy tells a jocular — and maybe invented — story about a childhood misunderstanding of his:

> When I was little and overheard adults discussing lactose intolerance, I misheard the sounds. I thought you suffered from a condition called “Lack Toast Intolerance.” Today I realize that lactose is a vital organic molecule whose deficiency causes a great deal of harm, but at the time I thought you just really enjoyed toast.

Web searches show that _lack toast and tolerant_ is several times more common than the single eggcorn _lack toast intolerant_ (ca. 80 vs. ca. 30 Ghits), even if we account for puns, second-hand reports and sites quoting Michael Quinion’s newsletter.

See also the separate entry _intolerant » and tolerant_.

[An email discussion with Arnold Zwicky helped clear up this reshaping.]

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