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  • I was passing the Sheraton in Baghdad where I am currently working and found these kids playing with the barred wire which is supposed to stop pedestrians. (InterAction, photo caption, 2004)
  • The impenetrable barrier of briars, undergrowth and barred wire. (Fellowship of Isis, 2003)
  • Beyond the trenches, at a grenade throws distance, lay the barred wire entanglements and beyond that the narrow strip which divided the opposing trenches “no man’s land”. (Bandon War Memorial Committee)
  • A family party of Stonechats used the barred wire fence as a base for sorties into the rushes. (Stephen North's blog, September 19, 2003)
  • The helicopter hesitated to turn, started to turn east, drifted north, hooked a barred wire fence with the right side skid, and lost control. (National Transportation Safety Board (USA), incident report, Feb 2000)

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Pat Schwieterman also notes the variant _bard wire_.

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    Commentary by Marlin , 2005/10/20 at 6:06 pm

    I’ve also heard bobwire instead of barbed wire.

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