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  • Nomar Garciaparra went 3-for-3 with one run scored and an RBI and Troy O’Leary grounded out in the bottom of the ninth to score Garciaparra in a last stitch effort for the Red Sox. (link)
  • This is not only emotional for my 2 daughters 18 and 22, but a last stitch effort to clear their skin. (link)
  • During the critique of this painting, the class saw the image with only one leg. Ironically, Imbeau’s friend had her leg amputated in a last stitch effort to save her life. (link)
  • [Hurricane] Frances made her last stitch attempt to assert her power on Monday by striking Florida’s Panhandle claiming 10 lives and causing $10 billion in damage. (The Daily Vidette, September 9, 2004)

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