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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2011-02-20 16:26:44

Registered: 2011-02-20
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Inferior excruciating ligament

For interior excruiate ligament.
No citation, other than to a friend who had his sugically repaired.



#2 2011-02-21 00:39:46

From: Victoria, BC
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Re: Inferior excruciating ligament

Do you mean “anterior cruciate ligament?”

There are two web references to “anterior excruciate ligament” and a few more to just “excruciate ligament,” though a few of these are puns.

“Excruciate” for “cruciate” has eggcorn potential, considering the pain caused by a torn knee ligament.

Interesting verb, “excruciate.” It’s pretty much obsolete as a transitive verb and a past particle, as you can see by the Google n-gram diagrams. The present participle, however, seems to be recovering from a midcentury lull. Notice that “excruciating” begins to recover about the time late-night TV begins.



#3 2011-02-21 00:42:00

From: Montreal
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Re: Inferior excruciating ligament

Welcome to the forum, triple-xs. Your friend isn’t the only one who thinks the pain of this ligament can be excruciating.

Phil said that the injection had hit the anterior excruciating ligament!!
http://ginny-letyourlightshine.blogspot … stacy.html

his teammate, Jamie, tears an excruciating ligament in his leg during a reserve game!_%28film%29

But I hope you don’t mind if we include you in that inventive group, because the ligament in question is the anterior cruciate ligament. You’ve in fact spawned what we call a double yolker, by calling it interior as well, which is anatomically correct, and indicates clearly where the pain is coming from. I’m euphoric when I discover that I’ve been incubating an eggcorn for years; I hope you take it the same way!

Ha- beat me by 3 minutes.

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