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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2012-04-21 16:39:07

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1581

"to time one over" for tide

The Database has an entry for tie over that makes the point that few these days know what the tide has got to do with getting through. The word tide comes from Old English and meant “a point or division of time; due time.” By the 1620s, it had become associated with the tides of the seas, and bore the notion of being carried. Hence, to tide over. In a real sense then, to “time one over” has recaptured the idiom’s original sense that had been obscured.

Once done, dried and dressed he took up another energy drink to time him over until he got home.
collaborative fiction

We are going out shopping this afternoon to get him some stuff to time him over until his bags arrive – hopefully tomorrow, but who knows.

she’s still trying to grasp the concept of making a meal smoothie and wondering how a smoothie for breakfast was able to time me over until lunch.
Raw foodie blog

See also woodworking’s to tithe over (in April, time and tithe come to one and all) and larrybob’s rediscovery of to tie over.



#2 2012-04-25 21:42:19

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1104

Re: "to time one over" for tide

There’ll be no messy loose ends if you have a neat little something to tidy you over.

Tempted get one to tidy me over until something better is out.
Mobile phone advice

There’s another that is an ingenious version of “to tie over” that recovers the pronunciation of “tide”.

For now, please partake in this confectionery creation by my dear friend Care – a sketchbook to keep me tied over until I get back to Cambodia:
Zine blog

On beyond out there. I’ve included examples only for the most common, followed by a list of the unaccountable variants.

Planning on getting an actual computer after my holiday in late May/April, just want a quick fix to yield me over until then.
Computer advice

I’m just coming off 99 weeks taxpayer funded vacation and I’ll be a’hunting for something to hole me over until I get enough working weeks together so I can get fired and go back on the government teet.
Hopeful slacker

During the third month they offered to ‘loan’ me my own wages to tired me over until my official ones got sorted out!

Bought it used and did not expect great things, merely an upgrade to tye me over until I can afford a new cpu.
Used CPU

Perfect! I said to myself. A quick slice to curb me over until dinner. But perfect it was not.
Pizza breakdown

ADVANCE AMERICA IS THE WORST LOAN PLACE ! I am now getting into a job but I needed only $100 to pull me over until the next week.
Loan sharks

Here’s my taxonomy of substitutes found in the form of “to X me over”, where X=:

survival in dormant state: lull, set, keep, patch, stay, do, hang, settle, hood, tire, tired, tied, hold
carry: haul, bring, wave, tire, float, pass, fold, keel
passage of time or space: tick, bridge
blends: told (tide and hold), hold
typos: old
malaprops: chide
unaccountable: keel, hood, tye (version of tie?)



#3 2012-04-26 11:04:38

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2641

Re: "to time one over" for tide

substitutes found in the form of “to X me over”

This expression is getting into snowclone territory. The snowclone database doesn’t list it yet.

By the way, I’m glad to see our snowclone database siblings (motto: Snowclones are the new eggcorns) active again. The site was moribound for a year or so.

We had an earlier discussion of “time/tide.”

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



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