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  • Our advice is never wrapped up in technobabble or garbledygook; we give concise advice that’s direct and to the point. (Jackson Begg company description, retrieved 2008-08-31)
  • if you leave behind all your ex-sunday-school garbledygook and really read the new testament with a mind open to understanding what christ was getting at, it becomes apparent that fighting poverty, throwing off oppressive government, and uniting as a community to tackle difficult social problems are the main themes. (tribe.net forum, June 7, 2005)
  • Now here in GA I use Harcourt Math. In some ways I like it better than Trailblazers because it has a lot of practice exercises and less garbledygook. I know that the garbledygook (word problems, experiments, stories) is important for building problem-solving skills, but I have a lot of ESL students here too, and they struggle SO much with that. (Livejournal iteach3rdgrade community discussion, Jan 27, 2008)
  • It looks like a bunch of garbledygook but can be useful for support purposes. (thevBgeek wiki, retrieved 2008-08-31)
  • I am tempted to respond to your random garbledygook with the garbledygook that I’ve been reading, but I will not. (blog comment, May 01, 2007)

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