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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2012-12-08 15:10:42

From: Montreal
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It's a fata complete

The Database harbours fate accompli. This is a complement, a fate a complete. Accomplish and complete come from the same root, but anyone who says fate-a-complete is unlikely to be trying to draw attention to that point. A solution to the redundant a is to invoke a fata complete, though they don’t seem to be referring to an apparition.

Done…....fate’a-complete’ … ge/1432362

However, just because one has a positive family history of some medical or psychological condition, this is not a fate a complete.

In his twisted mind he realised that sometimes taking their lives due to the circumstances was a ‘fate a complete’. … 22&f=false

I wish I could feign surprise but I knew this would happen. Giving the rubber stamp to the disastrous legislation was a fata complete.

The forum has tempt fate>>tempt faith, and leap of faith>>leap of fate. It was a know brainer to look for a faith accompli.

Posters to this message board are so snakebite that its almost a faith-acompli for them
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You ever wonder about these militia groups? Survivalist-type kooks on the right wing side? They say they’re defending the country from U.N. troops. These guys are yelling so loud, my theory is that this is a conspiracy, pal—they ARE the U.N. troops, and they’re in place. The infrastructure’s ready, it’s a faith accompli.
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#2 2012-12-08 17:08:56

From: Victoria, BC
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Re: It's a fata complete

“Faith accompli.” A baptized idiom.



#3 2012-12-13 01:21:46

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 942

Re: It's a fata complete

Some sort of David Tuggyian epiphany descended briefly upon me and I went looking for one of those tasty little oxymorons as a solution to the redundant a in a fate a complete, yielding a fate incomplete. There were three hits, one of them a transcript, and the other two quite interesting. Both fait accompli and fate incomplete make sense in context.

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This is a fate incomplete; I am preparing to physically take both devices to an Apple technician.
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constantly being told throughout my childhood that I had been rescued by her and my father. And always I’d feel like some, you know, fate incomplete; that I made their life— that they had rescued me from the gutter and I would be, you know—I had to be really good to live up to what they had done for me
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